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Water Ski

The Americans brought it to us from across the pond! The inventor of water skiing is considered to be American Ralph Samuelson. Samuelson began his first attempts at water skiing in 1922 in Lake City, Minnesota. He fashioned his first water skis out of wood to use on the lake. In 1925 he succeeded in doing the first jump across a ramp on the lake.
Water-skiing behind a motorboat starts from either deep water or from a jetty. The athlete bends into a crouch, arms stretched out straight, while leaning back. The tips of the skis point up and protrude slightly out of the water. The tow rope is located between the skis. The driver then accelerates the boat to pull the athlete up from the water. At this time, it is important to stay in the squat position and to wait until the boat has accelerated enough, so that there is sufficient force between the boat and the water skiier. There should always be a third person in the rear of the boat to observe for safety reasons.

Classic water skiing consists of slalom, jumping, trick skiing, figure skiing and various combinations of these.

Further developments and new water sports trends:

Wakeboarding: Very similar to snowboarding. The board is thick and there are strong boots built in for the placement of the riders feet. For tricks, the tension of the tow rope is used for "inverts", jumps, or manuvering on or around obstacles.
Wakeskating: Similar to wakeboarding, however, the athlete is barefoot on the board or with shoes on sandpaper (grip tape).
Kneeboarding: Here the athlete kneels on the board and is pulled behind the boat while sitting on his heels.
Tubing: Fun for young and old! This new trend has you lying down on your stomach while being pulled behind the boat on your tube.
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